Pocket has been removed from librewolf’s compilation as it available already as an addon here:

Recommended addons are not bundled and need to be installed manually

  • uBlock Origin: Additional filters are availables here: (don’t surcharge it to avoid performance loss)
  • Browser Plugs Privacy Firewall: Keep settings light to make privacy.resistFingerprinting efficient because too much customization will lead to uniqueness and therefore easy fingerprinting.
  - Privacy / Fingerprint / Fake values for getClientRects
  - Privacy / Fingerprint / Randomize Canvas Fingerprint
  - Privacy / Fingerprint / 100% Randomize ALL Fingerprint Hash
  - Firewall / Experimental / Block SVG getBBox and getComputedTextLength
  - Privacy / Font / Randomize
  - Privacy / Font / Enable protection for font and glyph fingerprinting

Other Addons

Privacy addons

Other useful addons